Air Abrasion: Removing Tooth Decay Without A Drill

You take pride in the health of your teeth and gums. You brush, floss, and rinse out your mouth a few times a day, and you keep to regular check-ups to ensure all is as it should be. There are times, however, when this is not enough. As you get older, you will feel the effects of tooth decay.

port-st-lucie-dentistLong gone are the days when such news meant the kind of intrusive and extensive surgery that could leave you in pain for hours and days. Advances in dental science and dental technology have made it possible to deal with tooth decay in a gentler, more civilized manner.

Air abrasion is one of the newest techniques to resolve the problem of tooth decay. The instrument used to perform it works like a sand blaster. It unleashes a fine stream of particles that target the source or spot of the tooth decay. The particles are composed of silica, baking soda, and aluminum oxide. The decay is essentially eaten away as the particles set on to them. The broken-up particles are then sucked away through a thin tube used by your dentist.

Air abrasion is a completely safe and effective way of dealing with tooth decay. Your dentist will insist that certain safety precautions be taken before the work can begin. You will be asked to wear protective eye wear, just as you would if going in for a cleaning. Your dentist will also apply a rubber dam to protect those areas of the mouth not being treated.

fort-pierce-dentistThere are many advantages to receiving air abrasion treatment. It is a technique that creates no heat, pressure, or vibration. There is no need for an anesthetic. The treatment also leaves a great deal of the healthy tooth behind and the risk of fracturing your tooth is greatly reduced. And although the procedure may take longer than the traditional method, you will be able to get through it without the use of a drill.

Air abrasion is not always pain free. Air abrasion is not an option for persons with deep cavities. Additionally, the treatment cannot be used to remove hardened tooth enamel.

The practice of dentistry has advanced considerably in the last few decades. Going to the dentist need no longer be accompanied by a sense of dread and anxiety. The most modern of technologies are being used to treat patients in ways that are a lot more delicate and unabrasive.

If you have tooth decay or simply need a dental check-up or cleaning contact Schwerer Dental Care at (772) 461-7323. They cover the Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie areas and will always provide you with the best quality, safe and gentle dental care.

Advancements in Dental Technology: Digital X-rays

Keeping up with your dental health is an important part of staying fit and strong. There are many ordinary, everyday things you can do to maintain strong teeth and immaculate gums. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash several times a day are a few such activities. Going for a regular check-up and cleaning are also important.

dentist-fort pierceDental technology has advanced quite a lot in the last couple of decades. The machines used to scan your oral area and provide detailed images of it now incorporate cutting-edge technology. The use of dental x-rays, for example, is an essential part of analysis and diagnosis. These days your dentist may be able to use dental radiography to conduct his or her examination, digital x-rays.

The old way of developing the x-rays in a separate room and the waiting required for that process to go through is over. Digital technology allows practitioners to capture the image of your teeth, mouth, and gums instantly. The image is sent to a computer and displayed on a high-grade screen. Your dentist can print a copy for you or send you a copy of the image through email.

Power whitening is another advance in dental medicine. It allows your dentist to whiten your teeth in about two hours by using a concentrated whitening agent. If you do not care for bleaching trays, this method of teeth whitening may be best suited for you.

In the realm of cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic imaging is the latest thing. A Dental Imaging System gives your dentist the means to photograph your teeth as you smile. Your smile can be viewed on a monitor in real time. Working with your dentist, you can make certain alterations to your teeth on the monitor. Choosing the color, length, shape, and proportions of your teeth before you undergo cosmetic surgery will give you a clear idea of what your smile will look like afterward.

dentist-port-st-lucieAir abrasion is now being used by many dental hygienists. It is a procedure whereby dentists can remove decay without the use of a drill. A small device is used to emit tiny particles into your mouth. These particles break up the decay, and its fragments are sucked up with a tiny hose. It makes for a less painful and uncomfortable teeth cleaning session.

Not every dental office has these new technologies, but soon all of them will. These devices have been proven to work well and they are becoming more common in dental clinics across the country.

Looking for the best in advanced dental technology? The Fort Pierce and Port Saint Lucie communities turn to the office of Schwerer Dental Care. The will always offer you an affordable, comfortable and personalized dental experience. Whether you need simple check-ups and cleanings or cosmetic dentistry and everything in between, call Schwerer Dental Care today at (772) 461-7323.


In-Office Teeth Whitening: Professional Advantages and Options

In-Office Teeth Whitening at Schwerer Dental: Professional Advantages and Options

Whitening teeth is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments used today. There are more and more people who want to address the staining that takes place on our teeth from our daily use. In fact, one famous commercial line gets it pretty right – if we aren’t constantly whitening our teeth, then we are yellowing. That is pretty close to right on.

teeth whitening pslAlthough there are some conditions that straight up whitening will not fix – i.e., inorganic staining, trauma to the dentin, people who have been on tetracycline antibiotics when young while teeth were still forming and those overexposed to fluoride when younger which can cause teeth to darken – most all other staining can be taken care of with whitening procedures.

While there are a number of options for whitening including over the counter methods like whitening toothpaste and kits that have much lower concentration of bleaching ingredients and that are lower costs, the number one method for fast, complete whitening is getting it done in the dentist’s office at Schwerer Dental is one of the best in teeth whitening in the Port St. Lucie, FL area with procedures done every day with outstanding results.

One of the reasons the in-office teeth whitening procedure is the much better option, despite the slightly higher cost, is the speed of results and the pain-free process. Gum and tooth sensitivity can be better controlled at Schwerer Dental as they use thicker peroxide gels that don’t get down as far into the tooth structure as other substances, and they also use products that desensitize to a great degree.

The procedure(s) take about 30-90 minutes depending on the depth and level of staining, and it will take one to three of these procedures to get the job done for the same reasons. Once this is done, of course, it is up to you to keep the good results going by avoiding the causes of staining like smoking and drinking things like coffee or tea, colas or red wine. You will inevitably have re-staining occur as there is no way to make re-staining not happen unless you do other cosmetic procedures like bonding or veneers, but the length of time that a professional whitening lasts is completely dependent on your efforts to avoid the things that contribute to deep stains.

teeth whiteningWhile the cost of professional whitening in the office is greater than at home treatments, it is very much offset by the faster results and even the lowering of sensitivity issues. The dentists at Schwerer Dental can apply thicker gels than you can use at home that don’t penetrate the porous surface as much which cuts down on sensitivity, but that whiten better when the specialized light is applied in the office. They can also apply product to the gums to help desensitize as well.

So while you can certainly apply home whitening processes for lower cost, just know that you will need to do them every day for a number of weeks to get near the same results from an in-office treatment at Schwerer Dental. If you would like to benefit from this fast and easy process teeth whitening procedure and to have a more beautiful smile, give Schwerer Dental in Port St. Lucie, FL a call today at (772) 461-7323.

The Importance Of Emergency Dentistry

The Importance Of Emergency Dentistry in Port St. Lucie, FL

Getting in to see the dentist when you have a dental emergency can be of critical importance. There are several situations where getting there as quickly as possible can make the difference between a good outcome and having to do something that would otherwise not be needed. It is always good to know that most dentist’s offices keep some open times in their appointment schedules for emergencies, so never hesitate to call immediately when you have a problem that needs quick resolution.

dental emergenciesProbably one of the most critical emergencies is a knocked out tooth. When the whole tooth is knocked loose with enough force to make it detach all the way, you have about an hour to get it back in place for a chance at healing. To help facilitate this process, rinse it off if it got dirty and then see if it can be placed back in the socket, taking care that it is turned the right way. To keep it moist and safe, place it in a cup of milk or a cup of water with a pinch of salt until you can get to the dentist.

An extruding tooth that has partially come out should be put back in place if at all possible and cold compresses placed against the face to reduce swelling until you get to your dental office. Both of these situations, as well as something like losing a crown or implant or other dental device like a bridge or partial, mean that you have cosmetic issues to deal with in addition to the healing issues. Most people need to go about their daily activities as needed, and for some the cosmetic side of the situation is as important as any other.

psl dental emergenciesPain from these and other problems like toothache or abscess can also send you to Schwerer Dental as well. Toothaches or abscesses can be cause by a number of things – wisdom teeth that haven’t come in right, underlying decay from a crack in a filling, something lodged beneath the gum line or between teeth among others. Often, the pain needs to be addressed with a round of antibiotics and maybe pain relievers as the antibiotics do their work. Then, that underlying problem needs to be addressed as well. The dentist can cover what the plan should be to handle that during the emergency visit unless the cause isn’t clear cut. In that case, they will have to do a closer exam after the antibiotics have solved the problem of infection.

In nearly all instances, the best way to avoid any dental emergencies is to practice great dental hygiene at home – brush and floss daily. This gives you a level playing field that can solve things like some toothaches and abscesses before they get started, and can keep you from getting gingivitis which cases dental problems, too. Avoiding biting down on hard substances like ice or food seeds like popcorn kernels can possibly keep you from cracking a tooth. But if you have something happen that sends you to the dentist in an emergency, know that Schwerer Dental in Port St. Lucie, FL is there to help you out. Contact them today at (772) 461-7323.

Port St. Lucie Dental Implant Key Advantages and Disadvantages

Port St. Lucie, Florida Dental Implant Technology

Today, many options exist for people who have sustained damage to their teeth. Dental decay, an accident, or a serious illness may all cause the weakening or loss of adult teeth. Cosmetic dentists can take several measures to assist patients in these situations. One of the most popular procedures, dental implants, permanently implants a thin glass-like veneer over affected teeth using a powerful bonding agent. This transparent covering protects the tooth’s enamel and enables it to continue functioning.

Port St. Lucie, Florida Dental Implant

Key Advantages

Dental implants enjoy widespread popularity today. Unlike dentures, they do not require periodic removal from the mouth; instead, an implant remains in place just like a natural tooth. The veneer applies to the tooth serves as a durable protective barrier, reinforcing the natural enamel surface.

A well-constructed dental implant will blend in with the appearance of other teeth in the patient’s mouth. Unlike some forms of dental work, such as gold crowns or braces, dental implants usually don’t stand out in appearance. However, they perform an important role in assisting patients in maintaining useful tooth functionality. Additionally, dental implant veneers won’t stain or change color over the course of time.

Sometimes people who maintain extensive contact with the public as a part of their work prefer to seek dental implants due to the highly cosmetic nature of this dental procedure. A well-manufactured dental implant resembles a healthy tooth.


Dental veneers do offer some disadvantages. They may not provide the most appropriate form of tooth replacement in all patients. For instance, a growing five-year old child who loses a baby tooth in an accident won’t usually benefit from receiving a dental implant as a replacement, since the youngster has not yet developed a full complement of adult teeth.

Dental implants sometimes represent a more expensive solution to preventing tooth loss than other forms of dental care. Individual patients may regard the decision whether or not to seek an implant as a very personal issue. The location of the tooth and the extent of the decay may prove important in deciding whether or not to undergo this procedure. Additionally, patients usually obtain the best outcomes when they seek out well qualified dental experts with experience performing this procedure. The bonding agent used to secure the veneer to the surface of the tooth requires skillful application.

For All Your Dental Needs

If you’ve considered requesting dental implants, you’ll want to discuss this topic in depth with a qualified expert before proceeding. A dental implant usually lasts for an extended period of time, generally seven years or more. Some patients find dental implants the best option, but others won’t benefit as significantly from the procedure.

A skilled dentist with training in cosmetic dentistry procedures can assist patients in exploring their best options for comprehensive dental care. To speak with an authority on cosmetic dentistry and dental implants serving people in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and the surrounding area, including Fort Pierce, contact Schwerer Dental Care at (772) 461-7323.

Top Cosmetic Dentist in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Cosmetic dentistry has become a mainstay of just about everyone at some point in their lives. Whether you need general services like professional whitening or something more involved like dental implants, cosmetic dentistry services fill a niche that we would surely miss if it weren’t there.

Cosmetic Dentistry Port St. Lucie, Florida

In all actuality, without cosmetic dentistry we would not have good results from some of the restorative dental procedures that are done. A good example is a root canal. If you don’t put a replacement of some kind in place after a root canal, then the work is for naught. It will be vulnerable to the elements that caused the decay and the root canal in the first place – again. Since a crown placement is considered cosmetic because it enhances appearance, you might think it unnecessary. But in the instance of a root canal, it is very necessary as it serves as the armor between your fragile tooth root structure and the outside elements. Plus it gives you a sturdy replacement with which to chew your food – this is really important for everyone from a quality of life perspective.

Going to a top cosmetic dentist in Port St. Lucie, Florida does several things for you. Working with professionals who are really good at what they do means your results are going to be something you’ll enjoy and be pleased with. Cosmetic dentists can offer many services in one place and this is important for those who have a problem going to the dentist at all – they don’t want to office-hop. And a top cosmetic dentist is good at seeing the whole picture – what you need treated today, as well as what should be looked at going forward.

When you are searching for a great cosmetic dentist in Port St. Lucie, FL look for a practice that can offer some or all of the following services: professional whitening, veneers, root canals, oral surgery, dental implants, exams and fillings with composite material, periodontal procedures, crowns and bridgework, braces and Invisalign, and dental implants to name a few.

When you have an office that offers this list of services, you’ve found a dental practice that takes your oral health seriously. As seriously as you do, yourself. You want to get the girl or guy, and get the promotion or raise, or get the job – so you’re taking care of the things you can change to make these things happen. It takes some planning and fortitude, but you are going to be much better off in the end. You’ll have found a dental home that offers you what you need and that will give you what you want at the end of the day – a smile that takes you forward to greater success.

Because ultimately, when you have great oral health, you usually have a great smile – and there is no substitute for a great smile. It takes you further than any one other factor of your personality. Get and keep a great smile by finding and sticking with a great cosmetic dentist like you will find at Schwerer Dental. To schedule your next dental appointment in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and the surrounding area, including Fort Pierce, contact Schwerer Dental Care at (772) 461-7323.

5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Dentist Visit

To make the most of your next dental appointment in Port Saint Lucie, FloridaGoing to the dentist is something that you do only a couple of times a year. But in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy, it is best to make the most of every dental visit you have. Schwerer Dental Care provides preventive and restorative care to dental patients in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, and they know that following these tips will help you make the most of your visits.

* Keep up your regular oral care routine.

In between each of your appointments, it is important to have good brushing and flossing habits. When you know that your dentist appointment is coming up, there is no need to change your habits and brush even harder to try and make your teeth as clean as possible. When you brush your teeth harder and more aggressively than you usually do, you can actually cause damage to the enamel of your teeth and your gums.

* Write down any questions you have.

There may be times between visits that you think of questions you would like to ask your dentist. You may remember some of them, but it is best to write your questions down when you think of them so you do not forget anything. Then, when you go to the dentist, you can bring the list of questions with you and ask the dentist.

* Answer the dentist’s questions honestly.

The dentist will likely ask you questions about how regularly you brush and floss. It is important to answer these questions honestly. You may feel a little embarrassed or guilty that are you are not flossing every day or brushing your teeth twice a day, but it is best to tell the truth. This will give your dentist the information he needs in order to assess the health of your teeth and gums correctly.

* Have your dental history available.

Now you don’t have to keep a record of your dental history at home and bring it with you to every visit, but if you are going to see a new dentist, it is important for them to have this information. Before your first appointment with a new dentist, get a copy of your dental records to bring with you or have a copy sent to them ahead of time. Having all of your dental history is beneficial to any dentist and will help them decide how they want to go about your cleaning and treatments.

* Take note of details.

When you visit the dentist in Port St. Lucie, Florida, they will likely give you information about your dental health and different things you can do to take the best care of your teeth and gums. You may not be able to remember everything once you leave the office, so it may be beneficial to take notes during your visit. This will ensure that you will remember all of the important things your dentist has to tell you. You could also ask your dentist to send you an email with any important information you may need to know about your treatment.

Taking good care of your teeth is important so they will last you a lifetime. Using these tips will help you make the most of every dentist visit you have.

To make the most of your next dental appointment in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and the surrounding area, including Fort Pierce, contact Schwerer Dental Care at (772) 461-7323.

3 Most Common Dental Problems (And How to Avoid Them)

A large amount of the world’s population suffers from dental problems ranging from easily fixable issues to serious and costly operations. However, it’s a lot easier than you think to prevent a number of dental issues. In fact, the three most common dental problems are some of the most easily avoidable ones.

avoid common dental problems Port St. Lucie

Enamel Erosion

Enamel is the hard, protective coating on the tooth. Enamel Erosion is the loss of enamel caused by acidic food, drinks and over-brushing. As your enamel wears away, it exposes the sensitive dentine underneath which causes pain, discoloration, cracks and chips. Enamel decay also leads to cavities.

Enamel Erosion is pretty easy to prevent by staying away from acidic foods and drinks like fizzy and carbonated sodas. Citrus fruits and juices also have a high acidic content but would be alright to consume infrequently. Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day will help prevent enamel decay as well as drinking water regularly.


Tooth decay, sometimes caused by enamel erosion, cause cavities. Cavities are formed when plaque builds up on the surface of a tooth and eats away at the enamel. The acid from the plaque can eat away and eventually cause holes in the tooth. Once a cavity forms there is no way for the tooth to simply grow back. It must be filled by a dentist. If you are in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, you can find fantastic dentists at Schwerer Dental Care.

Depending upon the damage done to the tooth either a root canal or even extraction might be an order. However, there are ways to help prevent the damage before it starts. Ridding the teeth and gums of plaque is a sure way to prevent cavities. Preventative measures include brushing and flossing twice daily, and getting professional examination and cleaning done at least once a year. The team at Schwerer Dental Care can also perform these procedures.

Gum Disease

Gum Disease is another plaque-causing problem that attacks the gums instead of the tooth itself. During the early stage of gum disease known as gingivitis, bacteria in plaque cause the gums to become inflamed and to bleed during brushing. Periodontitis is the second stage of gum disease that occurs if gingivitis is left untreated. At this time the gums start to pull away from the tooth.

Although easily preventable by brushing and flossing on a regular basis, gum disease can also be caused by bad habits like smoking, certain illnesses such as HIV or Cancer, hormonal changes, and even family history. It’s important, especially if you experience any of the causes, to see a dentist regularly.

It is important that preventative measures for all of these problems start at a young age. Involving the entire family in good dental hygiene will stop many issues from even starting. Schwerer Dental Care is a family care provider for all walks of life. Their well-trained dentists and staff provide a great deal of services and never compromise on quality.

To avoid many of the common dental problems, visit a dentist in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Schedule your next dental appointment  by contacting Schwerer Dental Care at (772) 461-7323.

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