Dental Implants: After Surgery, What Patients Can Expect

dental implants 1For many of our patients who have come to us with missing or very damaged teeth, dental implants have been the obvious best choice for them and for their dental goals; implants are a highly successful way for patients to return to a completely “normal” life as far as their teeth are concerned, with a final product that’s incredibly durable, incredible sturdy and stable, and incredibly natural looking and feeling.

A lot of patients have some concerns about the down time they’ll experience right after their implant surgery. It’s important for patients to understand that the surgery itself is really just the first step in the process; the next step, called osseointegration, is perhaps the most important part of the process — and it’s certainly the most remarkable, because it’s all about your body healing itself.

In the months following surgery — and, generally speaking, most dental implants require at least four months for the process to advance — the jawbone will begin healing itself. Dentists take advantage of this healing process to promote osseointegration, where the metal implants are surrounded by and permanently bonded to the jawbone. In some cases there are ways to speed the process and mount your new teeth a little before osseointegration is wholly complete, but the process needs to finish before your implants can be considered fully functional.

And indeed its that full functionality that’s so remarkable; dental implants offer the potential for artificial teeth that are attached so securely that they never move, even when chewing and biting, much less speaking. The connection is so secure that it even halts the progress of bone deterioration that’s associated with tooth loss, avoiding facial collapse and other issues. For more information about implants and whether they’re right for you, contact our office for an appointment!

That first impression is often the most important in any relationship; whether it’s for business, friendship, love or just acquaintance, the moment you greet a person for the very first time often establishes the norms and pattern for the life of the relationship. That first impression sets parameters, as well; how a person feels when they first meet you can affect their perceptions on how far they’re willing to go in that relationship. Again, whether it’s an initial job interview or a first date, that perception matters.cosmetic dentist 6

For people who suffer from various dental issues — stained, misaligned, damaged or altogether missing teeth, for example — there’s a real conundrum to be faced when they meet someone for the first time. Holding back from a full, broad smile can certainly help hide whatever aesthetic problems are lurking in their mouth; but even that is problematic, since a lack of a sincere smile can lead people to believe the person similarly lacks confidence, or is hiding something (hint: they are).

One of the goals of the cosmetic dentist is to help these people with their first impressions. Thanks to a constantly evolving and improving set of procedures — and an equally evolving and improving number of materials used for those procedures — modern cosmetic dental practices can offer improvements in the quality of a person’s smile that are profoundly better than what was available even just a few years ago. Today’s cosmetic dentists can bring your smile back to where is was before you began having dental issues — or, for those who have never been satisfied with the look and functionality of their teeth, offer a lifetime of better first impressions with a completely transformed smile. If you’d like to join them, please contact our office today!

A regular routine of brushing and flossing is tremendously important to oral health at any time, but during pregnancy your dentist will suggest you focus on it even more — because if you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, your teeth and gums are about to face their biggest challenge ever.

That’s because during pregnancy, teeth and gums become more susceptible to the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease — and it’s not strictly a matter of being too tired or distracted to brush. Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that pregnant women across the board are more likely to show symptoms of gingivitis (the early stage of gum disease) during their pregnancies, indicating that there is a real physiological issue.pregnancy dental care

The problem is particularly concerning because women who have gum disease are much more likely to have problems with delivery — specifically, several studies have shown an increase in the number of pregnant women who developed preeclampsia, a less common delivery complication that can be deadly.

Fortunately, those same studies showed that there’s a lot women can do about it; preventing gum disease and tooth decay during pregnancy is as simple as “stepping up your game” when it comes to oral health. If you’re already a regular brusher and flosser, great — during your pregnancy, it’s time to take things to the next level. Dentists recommend twice-a-day brushing and flossing as the minimum for pregnant women; particularly if you’re feeding your cravings between meals, you’ve got to brush and floss after every one.

Avoiding the problems associated with tooth decay and gum disease during pregnancy isn’t always easy, but it is relatively simple: do better with your hygiene, and your health (and that of your baby) will benefit from it.

One of the wonderful benefits we enjoy about being able to offer a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures is that we can help a wider range of patients restore their smiles. Indeed, so-called “smile restorations” (we like to call them “smile makeovers,” too) typically involve more than one sort of dental procedure, and usually several, all working together to improve the form and function of a patient’s teeth.ef6878edad49ca59c8b2345d2e01decf

We’ve become the best dentist Saint Lucie County patients recommend to their friends and family because we address the whole smile, rather than just individual issues within the mouth. From the first consultation, our dental professionals are looking at a patient’s teeth with an eye to the future — seeing which procedures will bring the best results, with the least amount of down-time or disruption to our busy patients’ lives.

Importantly, as cosmetic dentistry professionals, we also recognize that while your teeth should perform at their best, they also need to look good as well. No one wants to head out thinking people will see them and think they’ve “had work done.” Our goal is always to present patients with comprehensive restoration plans that finish up with a set of teeth that look as wonderful as they work; thanks to the ever-improving techniques and materials available in modern dentistry, today’s whole-mouth restorations result in great-looking smiles that are indistinguishable from “natural” ones.

There’s no reason to put off looking into cosmetic dentistry if your goal is to improve the look and function of your teeth; If you’d like to learn more, or would prefer to schedule a consultation with the best regular practice and cosmetic dentist Saint Lucie County has to offer, contact our office today! We look forward to meeting you!

At Dentist Port Saint Lucie Patients Deal With Sensitivity

For a lot of people, the simple act of sipping a warm drink or having a spoonful of ice cream can be something of a harrowing experience; even regular brushing and flossing can become uncomfortable for people who suffer from sensitivity in their teeth. But what causes sensitive teeth, and what can be done about it?tooth sensitivity

There are many potential causes for sensitive teeth, ranging from injury and other damage to decay and disease; the thing these causes have in common is that the end result is an exposed tooth root. When the protective layer surrounding the root is compromised, the nerves can be easily over-stimulated by heat or cold, changes in acidity, and even stickiness of some foods.

Common culprits include a trauma that cracks a tooth, or worn enamel and fillings; the good news is that these can be addressed relatively simply. Fractured teeth can be repaired, fillings can be re-filled, and there are gels your dentist can apply to increase the strength of enamel; if however the root has become exposed due to a receding gum line, additional measures may be needed to protect those nerves. Prevention is as usual the best cure; a good oral hygiene routine with a focus on brushing and flossing in such a way to keep gums from receding in the first place can go a long way.

In the meantime, there are several toothpastes on the market that can desensitize the affected area even as you brush your teeth. Above all, seek the help of a dental health professional for sensitive teeth. For the best dental care, you need the best dentist Port Saint Lucie has to offer. To schedule an appointment with the most experienced general practice and cosmetic dentist Port Saint Lucie patients prefer, contact us today!

cosmetic dentistThere are many benefits to seeing a cosmetic dentist Fort Pierce patients can experience, above and beyond what might be available from a standard practice dentist. Most significantly, the philosophy that drives cosmetic dentistry is that while functionality is important — and a cosmetic dentist can help you with the way your teeth feel and work — there must also be an aesthetic quality to what’s being done to a person’s smile, a visible improvement in appearance, because that’s equally important.

Your smile is often the first thing people see when they meet you; it’s a big part of first impressions, and a healthy and attractive smile can convey confidence and competence in profound ways. Cosmetic dentists use numerous procedures and techniques to ensure that the appearance of your new smile is every bit as impressive as its performance — that you look as good as you feel.

Cosmetic dentists can help you improve the whiteness of your teeth; they can help reshape teeth that have been worn, chipped, or otherwise damaged — or simply might never have been the size or shape the patient would have preferred. Cosmetic dentistry offers methods to straighten teeth that are crooked or misaligned, with traditional braces or clear plastic removable aligners. A cosmetic dentist can even perform a full mouth restoration, essentially building new teeth where damaged or even missing teeth once were — creating a smile that’s not only every bit as functional as your natural teeth ever could have been, but also every bit as attractive.

A cosmetic dentist may be just the right fit for your dental issues. If you’d like more information about procedures performed by the best dentist Fort Pierce has available, contact our office today and we’ll set up an appointment for you!

Schwerer0404You’re eating (and avoiding) the right foods, you’re taking your prenatal vitamins, you’re attending classes, reading books, and visiting your doctor regularly. But should you go to the dentist? Interestingly, even knowing they have the best dentist Florida women often have some trepidation about any sort of additional medical care during their pregnancy — and many feel that even a routine cleaning might cause problems.

The good news is there’s no reason to avoid the dentist’s chair when you’re expecting — in fact, quite the opposite. There are many good reasons dental health should be near the top of your list of concerns during your pregnancy.

First among those reasons is that when you’re pregnant, anything you can do to reduce the risk of infection is a good thing. During their pregnancy, women are especially susceptible to gum disease and gingivitis in part because of increased levels of a particular hormone in their bodies — progesterone. Progesterone tends to cause some swelling in the gums on its own, leaving gums more vulnerable to infection.

Infections that are the result of gum disease have a tendency, when left untreated, to spread to different parts of the body, causing tissue and bone loss well beyond the mouth. Women who suffer from advanced infections actually have the potential to pass those bacteria on to their newborn children through saliva; a regimen of good oral hygiene during pregnancy can help ensure an infection-free period right after the child is born, decreasing their risk greatly.

If you have additional questions about dental care during pregnancy, or would like to schedule a visit with the general and cosmetic dentist Florida residents recommend to their friends and family more than any other, please call us today!

Schwerer0403Even in an otherwise “healthy” mouth, not every tooth is shaded precisely the same as its neighbors — upon close enough inspection, every tooth is as unique as the person smiling behind them! But there are some cases when the color differences between teeth are much more noticeable — and when they visit the dentist, Saint Lucie County patients want to know why, and whether there are solutions.

First of all, there are two principal reasons teeth become discolored: they either are stained, or the nerve inside the tooth has died. In the case of staining, there are any number of culprits that are responsible, ranging from the foods we eat to the things we drink — there are even certain medications that can stain teeth over time.

For stained teeth, probably our most successful and popular solution is an in-office tooth whitening procedure; for teeth that are darkened as a result of a dead nerve, whitening will not work and other methods will be used. For example, if the nerve has only recently died, a root canal procedure can remove both the dead nerve as well as the bacteria surrounding it, halting the spread of infection; a cap placed over the affected tooth will give it additional strength and a better appearance.

If the tooth needs to be extracted, there are a variety of effective cosmetic dentistry procedures that can replace the tooth (or teeth) involved, giving you the best possible smile with the least amount of discomfort. Give us a call today to learn more about our procedures and discover why we’re voted the best dentist Saint Lucie County has to offer year after year!

Image collected on a PmWikiWhen you’ve just moved to the area and are looking for a new dentist, Port Saint Lucie is like any other city — there are a lot of options, and picking the right one might seem overwhelming.

We see a lot of our new clients through referrals, so that might be the first place for you to start: ask friends and family in the area if they would recommend their dentist. And try to find an office that’s close to your home — it might not seem like a big deal to go across town for a regularly schedule cleaning appointment, but in an emergency it’s nice to be close to the dentist when every moment counts.

A lot of patients take the time to visit a new dental office to get a feel for the practice and the sort of people working there, from the reception to the dentists and hygienists. Some even go so far as to schedule an interview with potential new dentists — to ask questions about overarching dental care philosophies, how the clinic staff take the time to explain complicated issues to their patients when they arise.

Finally, the often all-important question of whether the insurance you have is accepted at the dentist you’re looking at. If you’re looking through your work plan, your HR department should be able to help you choose from an approved provider, and regardless of what plan you might have, our office can tell you quickly whether we’re inside your insurance network.

To learn more about the general practice and cosmetic dentist Port Saint Lucie residents recommend more than any other, give us a call and schedule an initial appointment today! We look forward to hearing from you.

Veneer Cosmetic Sedation Dentist Bolingbrook ILWe’ve often said there is no “one size fits all” solution for every person’s dental challenges — that every patient is different, and we like to customize our solutions for each individual. Having said that, it is true that when they visit their dentist Fort Pierce patients who suffer from several different issues can see positive results through dental veneers — they are an exceptionally versatile and effective way to treat a variety of problems.

For example, patients who suffer from misaligned teeth that are either crooked or which show gaps between teeth can have their problem areas concealed with veneers. In many cases, other procedures such as orthodontics (e.g. braces or other appliances) can work, but will take longer than a patient cares to spend. Veneers can be done very quickly, and with excellent results.

Similarly, discoloration of teeth through stains or other dental issues can be a difficult problem to resolve to a patient’s satisfaction — teeth whitening procedures may simply not go far enough. In this cases veneers can be custom shaded to whatever level of whiteness the patient desires, and installed again in a relatively short amount of time.

Veneers can also be a great way to improve the appearance of a smile that’s marred by cracked or chipped teeth — again with a procedure that’s much speedier than some other methods for repair. And veneers can correct the effects of misshapen teeth very quickly.

Finally, the size of a person’s teeth in relation to their face can be out of balance, and difficult to remedy; veneers can make each tooth appear larger and in better proportion. If you’d like more information about dental issues or would like to schedule an appointment with the best dentist Fort Pierce has to offer, please give us a call today!

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