Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Super White

Teeth whitening has become the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure offered. Teeth whitening treatments performed in your dentist’s office present almost instant gratification.  A comfortable hour in your dentist chair and years of stain and yellowing vanish.  Everyone enjoys the rejuvenating effects of a bright, white smile.  The procedure is quick and effective and most patients are amazed at the results. teethwhiteningcosmeticdentistry

The first 48 hours after you’re teeth whitening treatment is crucial.  This is the time when your teeth more readily absorb stains from foods and drinks.  It is imperative that you limit dark-colored liquids and foods such as cherries, beets, tea, coffee, colas and red wine.  If drinking dark-colored foods and liquids cannot be avoided, brushing or swishing with water after you eat will help reduce any staining and absorption that occurs.

Keeping teeth looking white means proper brushing at home.  Studies have shown that using an electric toothbrush removes more stain than a manual toothbrush.  Using teeth whitening toothpaste and an electric toothbrush will optimize your teeth whitening results and prevent yellowing.  It is very important to keep your mouth clean and plaque free by brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily.

Professional dental cleanings at your dentist office will prevent buildup of plaque and stains.  The American Dental Association recommends that you get your teeth professionally cleaned by your dental hygienist every three months.  Schedule your appointments in advance and make those appointments a part of your regular health and beauty regimen.  Not only do visits every three months keep your teeth and gums healthy, it actually makes your hygiene visits simpler and quick as plaque hasn’t been allowed to accumulate.  Everyone loves how smooth your teeth feel after a polish by your dental hygienist.

Smoking is bad for your health, a statement we all have heard many times.  But, did you know smoking has negative effects on your teeth and gums?  Not only does smoking cause unsightly stains and yellowing of teeth that is very difficult to remove, it causes oral cancer and gum disease.  If you  really want to get the full effect of your teeth whitening treatments, then refraining from smoking or oral tobaccos area a must.

Most dental offices provide bleaching trays at the time of your teeth whitening procedure.  Use your bleaching trays at home to keep up your current level of teeth whitening.  A quick and easy routine is to place the trays in your mouth when you wake-up and continue through your morning routine, an hour later remove your trays.  Depending on the level of teeth whitening your dentist recommends, most patients can maintain their ideal shade of white with weekly home bleaching.

With a little care you will enjoy the benefits of your teeth whitening procedure for several years and perhaps longer.  It’s simple, brush regularly, see your dentist at least every six months, use your bleaching trays, refrain from smoking, and stay away from foods and drinks that cause staining.  Not only essential facts for maintaining the effects of your in-office teeth whitening treatment but, your overall oral health, as well.

Dentures: A Brief Guide

As we age, so do our teeth. Did you know that there are 45 Million Americans that wear one or two dentures? Adult tooth loss is a real occurring problem for many millions of Americans. Cosmetic dentists patients every day suffering from failing dentition. Many of them suffer from an unesthetic smile, have several missing teeth, or have dental pain for years.

However, many patients are unsure of their options for tooth replacement. Cosmetic dentist John Schwerer and his team at the Schwerer Dental Care help patients explore the treatment options available so that the teeth can be replaced in a timely, and effective manner. We offer our Fort Pierce patients both partial dentures and complete dentures so that, despite the degree of tooth loss, the smile can be restored to its natural beauty and function.dentures


 A partial denture is just that: a denture that covers only part of your mouth. It’s held in your mouth with clasps that grab onto remaining natural teeth. Partial dentures are best suited for patients who have experienced significant tooth loss but who still have healthy teeth remaining. It is always our goal to preserve as much as the natural teeth as possible; for a patient who has not lost an entire arch of teeth, a partial denture can replace missing teeth while preserving the health and structure of the remaining teeth.


 A full denture, also called a complete denture, replaces all of the natural teeth and provides support for cheeks and lips. Full dentures are a removable option for patients who have lost an entire arch of teeth or their entire set of teeth.


The choice between full or partial dentures is really dependent on how many teeth have been lost. In either case, dentures offer patients a number of health and aesthetic benefits, including the following:

Renewed confidence in the appearance of the smile

Teeth that appear healthy, attractive, and natural

Improved ability to chew, eat, and speak

Elimination of painful teeth

 A Cosmetic dentist work with their patients on the most comfortable fit and the best aesthetic features for their dentures.

Surviving A Dental Emergency

Accidents can happen. Whether the damage to your teeth or gums is due to an accident or injury, you need to know the steps to take to protect your dental health. Knowing a few simple dental care tips can be the difference between saving your tooth and needing a replacement. Whether at home or traveling, the following tips can help you manage a dental emergency until you can get to the dentist. It is important to remember that with some dental emergencies, seeing an emergency dentist within 30 minutes or less can mean the difference between saving or losing your tooth. Use this guide to care for your teeth and gums in the event of a dental emergency.dentalemergency

 Dealing with a Dental Emergency

 Broken Jaw – If your jaw feels like it has been dislodged or broken, use a cold compress to reduce the swelling, call an emergency dentist immediately, and head to the hospital emergency room.

 Toothache – When you have a toothache, it’s best to contact a dentist to find out the reason for the pain. Get treatment from an affordable dentist who will identify the source of the pain. If a toothache occurs, rinse your mouth with warm water and floss gently to remove food debris between the teeth that could be causing the pain.

 Severely Bitten Lip or Tongue – There are times when a bite of the lip or tongue can turn into a dental emergency that requires applying gauze to stop the bleeding and a cold compress to reduce swelling. If you’re bleeding heavily and it won’t stop, you should go to an emergency dentist or the emergency room as soon as possible.

 Knocked-Out Tooth – If a tooth gets knocked out, find the tooth, and hold it by its crown, which is the top. Rinse the tooth and submerge it in milk or warm water with a pinch of salt. Be certain to not to remove any attached tissue and avoid scrubbing the tooth. Take the knocked-out tooth with you and go see an emergency dentist immediately. In many instances, your dentist can save the tooth if you get treatment within an hour.

 Broken Tooth – If one of your teeth breaks, gather all the pieces and rinse your mouth with warm water to eliminate debris. Apply a cold compress to minimize swelling, and call your dentist.

In any dental emergency, it’s important that you contact your dentist immediately. If you don’t have dental insurance, there are affordable dentists who offer payment options that will help you manage your dental care within your budget.

Dental Sealants – Proven To Help Fight Tooth Decay

Your Fort Pierce Dentist will tell you that even though you are meticulous with your teeth and gums and brush once and floss twice a day, you could still be prone to cavities, especially when it comes to those hard to reach back molars. These days there is more than one way to deal with tooth decay, and according to your Dentist, dental sealants could be the answer.Schwerer-Dental-Care-sealant

A dental sealant is a coating that is painted on by the dentists at Schwerer Dental Care. This special plastic coating is quickly bonded to the grooves and the depressions in your teeth in order to provide you with a protective coating over your teeth.

Brushing, flossing, and regular checkups are vital for healthy teeth and gums, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Some patients who visit the Best Dentist in Fort Pierce may have weak enamel that needs to be strengthened, and that is where dental sealants come in. Dental sealants are used to give you the protection you need for all of those nooks and crannies that are nearly impossible to reach with your toothbrush.
When you schedule an appointment with Schwerer Dental Care, it will be determined whether you are a good candidate for dental sealants. Children and teens can benefit from dental sealants in Fort Pierce as it can help prevent premolar and molar tooth decay. However, age doesn’t necessarily determine a person’s need for dental sealants as adults can benefit from dental sealants as well as long as there is no sign of tooth decay.

If your Fort Pierce Dentist decides that you or your children are good candidates for dental sealants the process is painless and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Before the dental sealant is applied, your Dentist will make sure that your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and dried before wrapping cotton around the teeth that are to be sealed. After these steps, your Dentist will apply an acidic solution to the molars. This roughens the chewing surfaces allowing the dental sealant to completely bond to the tooth. After the solution is applied, your Fort Pierce Dentist will rinse and dry the teeth that have been treated before painting on a dental sealant directly on to the enamel of your teeth.Schwerer-Dental-Sealants

If you take care of your teeth and schedule regular checkups with your Dentist in Fort Pierce, dental sealants can protect your teeth against tooth decay for 10 years. If wearing or chipping has occurred, your Dentist can replace the dental sealants as warranted.

Tooth decay can be prevented with the help of your Dentist. Call Schwerer Dental Care today and schedule an appointment to see if you could benefit from dental sealants.

Cosmetic Dentistry and your Health

Marielaina Perrone DDS Las Vegas Cosmetic DentistCosmetic Dentistry is vital in more ways than you can imagine.  There are those who opt for cosmetic dentistry for purely cosmetic reasons, which makes a lot of sense, because why wouldn’t you want a beautiful smile? But besides appearance, your cosmetic dentist can actually provide some direct benefits to other aspects of your health that you may not have known before.

Bad Bite

Sometimes people decide to have a cosmetic dentistry procedure because they have an issue with her teeth’s alignment.  Misalignment is usually a result of a form of malocclusion, which is when there is an issue with the way the teeth line up in their dental arches. Although this condition is normally mild, individuals experiencing severe malocclusions suffer a great deal of issues. Some chronic forms of malocclusion may cause distortion in face shape and difficulty speaking and/ or chewing. Individuals with malocclusions may also experience tooth decay, uncomfortable pressure on the jaw caused by TMJ disorder.  TMJ is named after the temporomandibular joint in your jaw.


It is quite simple to surmise that if you are not able to chew your food properly, you are in turn making it more difficult for your body to digest the food properly. Chewing your food properly helps create saliva.  Saliva contains enzymes that aid the digestive process. These enzymes, along with the acid produced in your stomach, mix together to create chime.  Chime assists the food in your stomach to move on to your small intestine. Because proper food digestion begins with chewing, misaligned, unstructured teeth increase the risk of heartburn, ulcers, and GERD among other thing.

Other Issues

A misaligned jaw can cause hearing problems as well, considering TMJ can induce tinnitus. Headaches are a common issue as well for people with misaligned teeth. Crowded teeth have been known to cause gum disease. Gum disease causes a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes. The last point to press is that it has been shown an individual’s self esteem and well-being is impacted negatively by dental health issues. Personal appearance and hygiene can be greatly judged by the health of your teeth.  A great smile can affect how a person feels about themself and how they are viewed by the world.

5 Famous Dentists

DENTIST203Although you may not have realized it, many people who helped form our nation were dentists!  This article highlights some of these interesting and amazing individuals.

Edgar Buchanan – Also an actor known best for his roles in television shows Green Acres and Beverly Hillbillies.  Before his life of television fame he was a dentist that ran a very successful practice.  Ed became a dentist after growing up with a father who was also a dentist.  After being in over 100 movies, Dr. Buchanan moved his dental practice from Eugene, Oregon to Altadena, California.

It might also be interesting to know that Dr. Buchanan’s wife was a dentist as well.  Ed met the Mrs. at the North Pacific College School of Dentistry, also known now as the Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry.

Thomas Bramwell Welch – Thomas Bramwell Welch was a wonderful dentist but you may know him better for being the inventor who discovered how to stop grape juice from fermenting, and thus was born Welch’s Grape juice.

Following in the father/ son trend, Thomas’s son, Charles E. Welch, was a dentist as well.  Charles helped his father create Welch’s Dental Supply Company and established a dentistry journal.

Paul Revere – Best known as the man who rode his horse at the start of the American Revolution shouting, “The British are coming!”,  you might find it interesting to know that Paul Revere was also a dentist.  Some sources speculate that he may have even made George Washington teeth, however solid evidence is lacking to prove this is true.

Mark Spitz – Okay, we might be stretching it a little on this one.  Spitz had been accepted to dental school, but had to decline to pursue his ambitions to become an Olympic athlete.  He won two gold medals for swimming at the 1968 Olympic games and 7 gold medals in Munich at the 1972 Olympics.

“Doc” Holiday – There are two thing most people did not know about this famous cowboy.  His real name is John Henry Holiday, and surprise! He was dentist. After the doc established a dental practice in Atlanta, he developed tuberculosis and it is speculated that he moved west to improve his health.  The rest is history!

Dentistry Can Enhance your Life in 5 Ways

DENTIST202Dentistry got a bad rap somewhere along the line. There’s no way to be sure exactly when this happened (maybe it was Little Shop of Horrors or maybe Horrible Bosses).  Whatever the cause, a majority of the population associates bad prejudices with the word “dentist.” Our office works hard every day to change that perception and show our patients how proper dental care can have a huge positive effect on their lives. A healthy smile brings a great deal of value to your life whether you realize it or not.  Don’t believe us?  Check out these 5 ways dentistry can enhance your life:

1. You know how miserable it is to have a toothache if you’ve ever experienced one. It’s hard to sleep, eat or think of anything else because of the intensity of the pain.  Maintaining healthy, strong teeth by maintaining routine dental cleanings at your dentist guarantees toothaches will not interrupt your life.

2. A beautiful smile had been scientifically proven to boost confidence.

3. Most treatments done at the dentist last a lifetime. Some examples are orthodontics and dental implants. With life-long lifestyle improvements you should definitely have something to smile about!

4. Dentistry will greatly boost your oral health and appearance. Having a healthy smile has been proven to have a positive effect on your other organs including the heart.

5. Routine, preventative care visits to the dentist will help to keep any additional visits for restorative work to a minimum. Regular cleanings equals less time out of your schedule and less money you need to spend.

The above reasons and many more prove why you should have a positive view when you think about your next dentist appointment. If visiting the dentist may not have been something you’ve gotten happy about in the past, we want to change that!

Teeth Whitening at Your Dentist

DENTIST201If you have been considering teeth whitening to add a sparkle to your smile, the market has a large variety of options to choose from. Understanding how the teeth whitening procedure works is important. This article sites a few examples of how your dentist performs this procedure.

The idea behind teeth whitening is to lighten your teeth’s color.  Absolutely no parts of your teeth need to be removed for teeth whitening. The idea of teeth whitening is not to change your teeth’s color, but to lighten and brighten your teeth’s natural color.

A special tray formed over your teeth is placed into the mouth by your dentist.  A whitening chemical, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbonate peroxide is inside the tray. The chemical is activated by heat or a combination of heat and light.

In some cases your teeth will only need one treatment and other times the procedure will need to be repeated, until the dentist reached your optimal color. Visual results are normally achieved after two to three visits to your dentist. During the initial appointment your dentist will make an individualized mouth impression for the tray being used in the procedure.

Professional teeth whitening effects usually last at least three years or more.  Your teeth may feel a bit more sensitive the first few days after your procedure, but the sensitivity does not last any longer than one week.

SCHWERER1204Sometimes, during a regular checkup at the dentist, Port Saint Lucie patients are told they need the services of a periodontist; understanding the difference between your regular dentist and a trained periodontist begins with understanding what gum disease is, and why treating it requires special training.

One of the most important things about gum disease Port Saint Lucie patients should understand is that it’s largely preventable; the overwhelming majority of gum disease cases stem from poor dental hygiene habits, and could have been prevented in the first place by keeping a regular schedule of proper brushing and flossing — and pairing that with regular visits to the dentist for examinations and cleaning.

Once it begins, gum disease is characterized by an inflammation and/or reddening of the gums. The disease itself is caused by an infection, which left untreated will grow and spread. As it progresses unchecked, the infection triggers the body’s natural immune system responses — which, in the area around the mouth, can begin to contribute to degradation of the jaw bone and surrounding connective tissue, which in turn leads to tooth loss and further infection.

Advanced stages of gum disease — known as periodontitis — need to be treated by a dental care specialist with extensive knowledge and understanding of the problem. Typically a periodontist will begin an aggressive effort to physically clean the affected area — often over several visits to the office — as well as begin the patient on a course of medications designed to attack the infections themselves, and prevent them from spreading further.

For more information about gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum disease, or to book an appointment with the best dental care Port Saint Lucie has to offer, contact us today.

SCHWERER1203There’s no shortage of adults who feel their smile could be improved in one way or another; there are a number of cosmetic dentistry options that are better for one problem or another, as well. For teeth that are misaligned, one of the best orthodontic methods is braces; but when they’re told they need orthodontics, Port Saint Lucie adult patients often tell us they’re not interested.

Many adults are concerned that the short-term appearance of braces in their mouths will outweigh the long-term benefits of straightening their teeth; but one of the best features of Invisalign Port Saint Lucie patients should know is that they’re unobtrusive, even when in place. Invisalign “aligners” are molded from clear plastic, and fit snugly around your teeth; at each successive visit to the orthodontist, the aligners are replaced with new ones that are slightly different in shape, gradually moving your teeth into their new, straightened positions.

An important feature of Invisalign for children and adults is that the aligners are completely removable by the patient — and short periods not wearing them won’t affect your treatment. That means you can brush and floss normally, eat whatever foods you care to, and generally live your life much as you did before embarking upon an orthodontic care program — with the inherent flexibility of Invisalign‘s “invisible braces,” a patient requires fewer office visits and generally will be able to seek care at times most convenient to them, without sacrificing the effectiveness of an excellent orthodontic procedure.

For more information about Invisalign and to make an appointment with the dentist Port Saint Lucie patients recommend to their friends and family more than any other, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation!

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