Air Abrasion Removing Tooth Decay Without A Drill
You take pride in the health of your teeth and gums. You brush, floss, and rinse out your mouth a few times a day, and you keep to regular check-ups to ensure all is as it should be. There are times, however, when this is not enough. As you get older, you will feel the effects of tooth decay.

port-st-lucie-dentistLong gone are the days when such news meant the kind of intrusive and extensive surgery that could leave you in pain for hours and days. Advances in dental science and dental technology have made it possible to deal with tooth decay in a gentler, more civilized manner.

Air abrasion is one of the newest techniques to resolve the problem of tooth decay. The instrument used to perform it works like a sand blaster. It unleashes a fine stream of particles that target the source or spot of the tooth decay. The particles are composed of silica, baking soda, and aluminum oxide. The decay is essentially eaten away as the particles set on to them. The broken-up particles are then sucked away through a thin tube used by your dentist.

Air abrasion is a completely safe and effective way of dealing with tooth decay. Your dentist will insist that certain safety precautions be taken before the work can begin. You will be asked to wear protective eye wear, just as you would if going in for a cleaning. Your dentist will also apply a rubber dam to protect those areas of the mouth not being treated.

fort-pierce-dentistThere are many advantages to receiving air abrasion treatment. It is a technique that creates no heat, pressure, or vibration. There is no need for an anesthetic. The treatment also leaves a great deal of the healthy tooth behind and the risk of fracturing your tooth is greatly reduced. And although the procedure may take longer than the traditional method, you will be able to get through it without the use of a drill.

Air abrasion is not always pain free. Air abrasion is not an option for persons with deep cavities. Additionally, the treatment cannot be used to remove hardened tooth enamel.

The practice of dentistry has advanced considerably in the last few decades. Going to the dentist need no longer be accompanied by a sense of dread and anxiety. The most modern of technologies are being used to treat patients in ways that are a lot more delicate and unabrasive.

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