Port St. Lucie Dental Implant Key Advantages and Disadvantages
Port St. Lucie, Florida Dental Implant Technology
Today, many options exist for people who have sustained damage to their teeth. Dental decay, an accident, or a serious illness may all cause the weakening or loss of adult teeth. Cosmetic dentists can take several measures to assist patients in these situations. One of the most popular procedures, dental implants, permanently implants a thin glass-like veneer over affected teeth using a powerful bonding agent. This transparent covering protects the tooth’s enamel and enables it to continue functioning.

Key Advantages
Dental implants enjoy widespread popularity today. Unlike dentures, they do not require periodic removal from the mouth; instead, an implant remains in place just like a natural tooth. The veneer applies to the tooth serves as a durable protective barrier, reinforcing the natural enamel surface.

A well-constructed dental implant will blend in with the appearance of other teeth in the patient’s mouth. Unlike some forms of dental work, such as gold crowns or braces, dental implants usually don’t stand out in appearance. However, they perform an important role in assisting patients in maintaining useful tooth functionality. Additionally, dental implant veneers won’t stain or change color over the course of time.

Sometimes people who maintain extensive contact with the public as a part of their work prefer to seek dental implants due to the highly cosmetic nature of this dental procedure. A well-manufactured dental implant resembles a healthy tooth.

Dental veneers do offer some disadvantages. They may not provide the most appropriate form of tooth replacement in all patients. For instance, a growing five-year old child who loses a baby tooth in an accident won’t usually benefit from receiving a dental implant as a replacement, since the youngster has not yet developed a full complement of adult teeth.

Dental implants sometimes represent a more expensive solution to preventing tooth loss than other forms of dental care. Individual patients may regard the decision whether or not to seek an implant as a very personal issue. The location of the tooth and the extent of the decay may prove important in deciding whether or not to undergo this procedure. Additionally, patients usually obtain the best outcomes when they seek out well qualified dental experts with experience performing this procedure. The bonding agent used to secure the veneer to the surface of the tooth requires skillful application.

For All Your Dental Needs
If you’ve considered requesting dental implants, you’ll want to discuss this topic in depth with a qualified expert before proceeding. A dental implant usually lasts for an extended period of time, generally seven years or more. Some patients find dental implants the best option, but others won’t benefit as significantly from the procedure.

A skilled dentist with training in cosmetic dentistry procedures can assist patients in exploring their best options for comprehensive dental care. To speak with an authority on cosmetic dentistry and dental implants serving people in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and the surrounding area, including Fort Pierce, contact Schwerer Dental Care at (772) 461-7323.