The Importance Of Emergency Dentistry
Getting in to see the dentist when you have a dental emergency can be of critical importance. There are several situations where getting there as quickly as possible can make the difference between a good outcome and having to do something that would otherwise not be needed. It is always good to know that most dentist’s offices keep some open times in their appointment schedules for emergencies, so never hesitate to call immediately when you have a problem that needs quick resolution.

dental emergenciesProbably one of the most critical emergencies is a knocked out tooth. When the whole tooth is knocked loose with enough force to make it detach all the way, you have about an hour to get it back in place for a chance at healing. To help facilitate this process, rinse it off if it got dirty and then see if it can be placed back in the socket, taking care that it is turned the right way. To keep it moist and safe, place it in a cup of milk or a cup of water with a pinch of salt until you can get to the dentist.

An extruding tooth that has partially come out should be put back in place if at all possible and cold compresses placed against the face to reduce swelling until you get to your dental office. Both of these situations, as well as something like losing a crown or implant or other dental device like a bridge or partial, mean that you have cosmetic issues to deal with in addition to the healing issues. Most people need to go about their daily activities as needed, and for some the cosmetic side of the situation is as important as any other.

psl dental emergenciesPain from these and other problems like toothache or abscess can also send you to Schwerer Dental as well. Toothaches or abscesses can be cause by a number of things – wisdom teeth that haven’t come in right, underlying decay from a crack in a filling, something lodged beneath the gum line or between teeth among others. Often, the pain needs to be addressed with a round of antibiotics and maybe pain relievers as the antibiotics do their work. Then, that underlying problem needs to be addressed as well. The dentist can cover what the plan should be to handle that during the emergency visit unless the cause isn’t clear cut. In that case, they will have to do a closer exam after the antibiotics have solved the problem of infection.

In nearly all instances, the best way to avoid any dental emergencies is to practice great dental hygiene at home – brush and floss daily. This gives you a level playing field that can solve things like some toothaches and abscesses before they get started, and can keep you from getting gingivitis which cases dental problems, too. Avoiding biting down on hard substances like ice or food seeds like popcorn kernels can possibly keep you from cracking a tooth. But if you have something happen that sends you to the dentist in an emergency, know that Schwerer Dental in Port St. Lucie, FL is there to help you out. Contact them today at (772) 461-7323.