Professional Teeth Cleanings for a Bright, Healthy Smile

February 24, 2021

Tooth decay. In the dental world, it’s public enemy #1 — a condition that affects both children and adults, and one that requires attention. Statistics back this up: 90 percent of adults over age 20 and 78 percent of children ages 17 or younger have had at least one cavity in their lifetime.

At the office of Oviedo, our team of skilled professionals is here for you. Regular visits with us will ensure small problems can be addressed before they become big ones, and we’ll educate you on what you can do at home to take good care of your teeth to keep cavities and other conditions at bay.

You probably know when you have a cavity before you even visit a dentist: you might experience mild or sharp pain when you bite down on something sweet, hot or cold. You may see holes or pits in your teeth. Cavities are caused by a buildup of plaque, a sticky film that gathers inside your mouth along with bacteria that can be harmful to your teeth and gums.

Professional teeth cleanings can get to the bottom of any buildup of plaque in your teeth and gums. While brushing at home is certainly a first step, professional cleanings by qualified hygienists are more thorough, reaching areas inside your mouth that you may have missed. Dental sealants and fluoride treatments may be given to children to further reduce their risk of developing cavities.

At the office of Oviedo, we utilize the most advanced approaches to stop the onset and progress of tooth decay. To treat a cavity, we gently and precisely remove the decay, then restore the tooth with a durable, tooth-colored dental filling, which will blend seamlessly with your smile for aesthetically pleasing results. For more information on our services, give us a call today.