Dentures Are Tailor-Made To Your Mouth

June 28, 2024

Full dentures are indispensable in the lives of many Americans. Also known as complete dentures, they take up the whole mouth rather than just a part of it. When you feel confident about your smile, you’ll want to share it with the world. 

At the offices of Oviedo, we fulfill the high expectations of all of our patients. We offer superior solutions that will greatly enhance the look and health of your dentures or natural teeth.

Dentures have two parts: the area that mimics the gums and the portion that represents the teeth. The faux gums are fabricated from a carefully pigmented acrylic that matches the look and color of your natural gum tissue. The teeth are usually made from acrylic and devised to look like your real teeth.

A dentist takes impressions of your jaw and mouth to create models— usually of wax or plastic—for a perfect fit. He (or she) has you try them on several times to check for fit, shape and color before the denture is made. He sends the models to a dental lab, where a technician puts them in a mechanical apparatus that represents your jaws, to attach the teeth with wax. The technician shapes and carves the wax to make it look like your gums. This wax base will be used for your finished dentures.

The technician places the dentures in a holding device into which more plaster is poured, so the shape of the dentures can be maintained. The device is then placed in hot water and the wax is melted off.

Acrylic is injected into the plaster mold. Once the wax has been removed, the technician adds a liquid separator on the plaster layer. The liquid prevents the acrylic from adhering to it. The acrylic is inserted into the device to replace the wax. The technician removes the plaster mold and places the acrylic dentures in an ultrasonic bath to remove any remaining plaster. The tech prunes any excess acrylic from the dentures, glosses them up and polishes them. The dentures are now ready for your initial fitting!

When you visit Oviedo for your dental needs, rest assured that you have placed your care in the best hands. We will keep you informed and at ease throughout every visit. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, please call us today